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40 Year Old MILF Gets Some Young Black Cock

Black cock MILF Jennifer Janes
Black cock MILF Jennifer Janes courtesy of 40 Something Mag

Let me tell you guys something — older women LOVE black cock. There’s something about when a bitch turns 40, her juices start flowing and she gets hot for that black meat.

These older women might go out and fuck around with black guys behind their husbands backs, but trust me…you can always smell when a woman’s had some black cock in her pussy. Some older women don’t even have to sneak out. Their husbands let them go out and fuck black cock and then wait for them to come home with their pussies full of a black man’s semen.

This blonde MILF Jennifer Janes loves young black men with big black cock. When she sees that black meat, her juicy pussy starts to swell and throb in anticipation of having that black rod buried balls-deep in her 40 year old cunt.

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Black cock MILF Jennifer Janes
Black cock MILF Jennifer Janes courtesy of 40 Something Mag

MILF Bondage with Janet Mason

  • Author: MILF Lover
  • Filed under: MILF Videos
  • Date: Oct 1,2009

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Janet Mason is my favorite MILF right now. She’s so pretty and she has a fucking amazing body. The first time I saw those juicy, MILF tits, I just wanted to bury my face in them and motorboat the hell out of her tits!

MILF bondage is something I’m just getting into. I love a kinky woman and any woman who likes being handcuffed and spanked while she’s getting fucked gets my approval.

In this video, Janet Mason is chained to her balcony then gagged and fucked hard. She can’t do anything but give herself up to the pleasure of being fucked while tied up.

I guess now we know what a lonely housewife gets up to when her husband is at work all day! — MILF Lover

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OMG…I’d chew on that MILF pussy ALL DAY!

Persia Monir has the kind of meaty MILF pussy that I just love to bury my face in. I’d suck on that big clit and those big pussy lips until I made her climb the fucking walls!

Can you believe that Persia Monir is 50+ years old and has never had anal sex before? This is the first time anal sex video for this sexy MILF and they hooked her up with a young stud with a hard cock and a hard-on for older women.

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Tattooed MILF Audrey Maxx

tattooed MILF Audrey Maxx
See more of tattooed MILF Audrey Maxx @ 40 Something Mag

Tattooed MILFs aren’t always my thing, but certain tattooed women intrigue me. I’m not talking about those women who have a couple of discreet tattoos on their ankle or something on their ass for only their lover to see. I mean those women who went all out and have used their bodies like a canvas.

I always wonder how they got each one of their tattoos. Which one was first? Did they do it for a lover? Just how many are there? Audrey Maxx is a tattooed lady and a little bit of a hippie flower child. She believes in peace and love and she’s here to share her peace and love with you by showing off her naked body.

Audrey Maxx is an older woman over 40 years old and she has the sex drive to prove it. She loves dildos and plays with her pussy as often as she can. I bet she’d be a real freak in the sack…hehe.

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tattooed MILF Audrey Maxx
See more of tattooed MILF Audrey Maxx @ 40 Something Mag

Open House, Open Whore Holly Sampson

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Haven’t you always wanted to turn a professional-looking older woman into your personal whore?

Holly Sampson may look like a sophisticated older woman, but when you strip her down to nothing and tie her up so that those suckable big tits are popping out, she’s just another MILF whore begging to get fucked.

They hogtied her and stuffed a ball gag in her mouth until they were ready to use her mouth for something more than talking — for mouth-fucking. Holly Sampson really gave her naked MILF body up to be used and fucked like a whore and she loved every fucking minute! Click here to see kinky MILF Holly Sampson tied up and fucked like a whore

This is exactly what I wanted to do to the real estate agent who tried to fuck me over for double comission on my last house….HAHAHA — MILF Lover